Time to get working on those summer DIY projects! With only a few wonderful weeks of summer remaining, we know you're using your weekends to finish up those projects you've been talking about all year!

Pouring Concrete? 

Now is the time to order if you're considering adding the AGT™ touch to your driveway, pool deck and custom concrete design projects that will make your guest's jaws drop at every BBQ, pool party or cottage weekend. Need to add safety measures to your outdoor patio stairs or emergency exits? We've got you covered for that, too. 

For example, check out our  Sky Blue AGT™ 1/4" (8mm) Glow Stone

If you're asking, "does it really glow that much?" The answer is, YES! Don't be fooled by cheap, glow-in-the-dark products. Our Glow Stones are manufactured to glow for ten hours. That's the whole night! And after only 15 minutes of being charged by the sun, or indoor lighting in projects ranging from kitchens and driveways to bridges and even theme parks our products definitely shine.

Here is the above product, in a gorgeous, solar powered, glow-in-the-dark driveway. It's like walking on a galaxy!

An AGT™ custom driveway made with our friends at Frank Rappa Construction