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How To Photography Your AGT Infused Project

Step-1: Set up a tripod for your camera in the area where you want to take the picture. A tripod  
             is highly recommended because the camera must be perfectly still in order to get a  
            clear 'Night Shot'.
Step-2: Fasten your camera on the tripod & have it pointed at the area you want to shoot.
Step-3: Allow your surface containing the AGT to energize (get light) for a minimum of 10  
            minutes. If you are taking a picture of an outdoor project this will not be an issue. Just  
            take your ‘Day Shot’ picture, leave the tripod set up and return at night to take your  
           ‘Night Shot’.  
Step-4: With the camera firmly on the tripod, point, focus, and shoot your 'Day Shot'.  
Step-5: Without moving the camera at all... locate the "Manual Aperture Setting" or (Aperture  
            Priority Shooting - on Sony Cameras) on your camera. This setting keeps the camera’s  
            'eye' or Shutter open longer, allowing you to take an amazing picture in the dark.