Professional-Grade Glow Aggregates & Coatings

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Contractors & Architects

AGT™ commercial-grade photoluminescent aggregates & coatings feature the highest luminosity & longest after-glow scientifically possible.

AGT™ glow products have been engineered to withstand the most extreme climate conditions. From the sub zero winter cold of eastern Canada to the scorching 100+ degree heat of Arizona's high desert. AGT™ glow rocks do not contract/shrink in cold weather AND do not expand in hot weather making them ideal for any exterior decorative concrete surface.

Our AGT Safety Glow coatings were also designed to exceed NYC Reference Standard 6-1: Photoluminescent exit path markings: ISO 17398 & ASTM E 2072 making them an excellent choice for highlighting trip hazards and creating passive way-finding markers.

Commercial & Residential Interiors

Foyers And Halls
Marble And Recycled Glass Terrazzo
Honed Concrete
Stamped Cement
Epoxy Floors
Bathroom Vanities
Kitchen Countertops And Islands
Garage Floors
Hotel Lobbies
Restaurants Foyers
Emergency Egresses
Shopping Malls
Subway Platforms
Theatre Floors
Bar Tops
Hotel Entrances

Commercial & Residential Exteriors

Pool Decks                                                                                                                                                                                       Pool Coping                                                                                                                                                                                    Exposed Aggregate                                                                                                                                                         Hardscaping & Landscaping
Exterior Support Walls
Stamped Concrete Work
Pathways                                                                                                                                                                                    Pathway Borders
Highway Markers
Parking Lots
Side Walks

Hotel Entrances


How Much AGT™ Product Will I Need?

That is a common question. We recommend either calling our toll-free number 1-877-248-8641 or by using our mix calculator to find out an approximate amount needed per square foot. Our FAQ section will answer most of the questions you may have.



Material Specifications

Now that we have outlined a few uses for AGT™, here are the material specifications so you can accurately use the AGT™ product in your next project. If you have a question about the product or our services, the FAQ will answer most initial questions and you can call or email us from the contact page.


4 Glossiness Glossy
5 Translucence 0 %
6 Structure Closed

7 Texture


8 Hardness


9 Temperature


10 Acoustics


11 Odor



13 Fire resistance Strong
14 UV Resistance Good
15 Weather resistance Good
16 Scratch resistance Good
17 Weight Light
18 Chemical resistance Moderate
19 Renewable No


Material Profile

AGT™ is non-toxic and safe for use in all types of environments.
Outstanding Luminosity

Exposure to sunlight for 10 minutes produces an afterglow of over 10+ hrs. Exposure to artificial light such as Halogen, Florescent etc. for approx. 20-30 minutes produces an afterglow of over 10+ hrs.

The luminosity of the AGT™ line of commercial-grade aggregates is dependent on actual particle size and can reach an initial intensity burst of 3612 mcd/m2 @ 1min. and then begin degrading once removed from light source.
Stability of Physical And Chemical Properties
AGT™ works perfectly between +500ºC and -20º C. It is also resistant to high and/or extended exposure to ultraviolet radiation and does not discolor under 300-watt high mercury lamp for 1000 hours at 35ºC - 40ºC, 80% humidity. AGT™ is unaffected by most chemicals and performs exceptionally even in the worst outdoor conditions. AGT Glow Stones are not affected by extreme climates such as high heat, sub zero cold or wet environments. AGT Glow Stone DO NOT expand or contract in concrete or any other substrate.
Fine Particles
The AGT™ line of aggregates range in particle size from 120 mesh sand to 16mm Stone.