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What makes AGT Glow Stones Different than other glow stones on the market?


It’s true, not all glow stones are the same… even if they are all called glow stones, glow rocks of glow pebbles.  Some glow stones are made out of cheap, plastic molds like 99.9% of the glow in the dark pebbles found on the internet ranging in price from $6/lb to $30/lb.. These glow pebbles are virtually identical in glow performance – glowing for approximately 30-60 minutes and then dying. The only real difference between the $6 and the $30 glow pebble is the marketing. Glow pebbles are a good option for use in planters and glow toys for kids but not for commercial applications where glow performance is important.

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Okay, so you have done some Googling and found these cool glow stones that can be used in concrete to make your concrete glow. The next step is to order a sample from the top online glow stone players and compare their glow performances. Once you decide on a professional-grade glow stone supplier, you need to make a decision on which concrete contractor you feel most comfortable using. Please keep in mind,many of these concrete contractors will not know anything about       ‘glowing aggregates’ so don’t be alarmed… Thankfully, the market leader in professional-grade glow aggregates and coatings, Ambient Glow Technology, provides concrete project consulting services for their glow stones and glow sand at no additionalcharge. 

They will speak directly with your concrete contractor and explain in detail how theproduct is applied. Once you have your concrete contractor selected, you can use AGT’s online Glow Project Calculator to determine how much glow stone you’ll need for your project based on the different glow stone definition rates, for example High Definition: a glow stone every 1-2” or Moderate Definition: a glow stone every 3-4” (most common).  You can also call Ambient Glow Technology toll free to discuss your project and any volume discounts that may be available to you. Once you have selected your glow color and ordered and received your high performance glow stone and finally, your concrete contractor has professionally installed them – the only thing left is to enjoy the glow for years to come.


Comments | Posted in Glow Stone Applications By Peter

Buying the best glow stone

2/19/15 8:25 AM

The use of high performance glow stones in concrete and asphalt surfaces is becoming increasingly popular. Unlike the glowing pebbles and plastic glowing stars typically associated with arts and crafts applications, professional-grade glow stones will glow for over 10 hours after just 10 minutes of exposure to daylight. Ambient Glow Technology manufactures the highest grade of photoluminescent glow stones and glow sand in the world.


The biggest issue over the years regarding glow rocks and glow sand has been glow performance. How long do glow stones actually glow for. There are many online companies that state that their glow pebbles or glow stones glow for over 10 hours and in reality they don’t. Before spending a bunch of money on glow stones, We recommend you buy a sample of each and see how the glow intensity and duration compares with your own eyes. The truth is in the glow!


Comments | Posted in Glow Stone Applications By Peter

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